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Furniture Livingroom Ideas and Tips

We need to have some furniture livingroom ideas before we decided which one is the best for ours. Living room is the only place at home which intended not just for us, but also for the guests. So, not only we need to create a beautiful arrangement, we also need to make sure that the living room would give a great impression for the guests. We would help you to imagine what the future living room ideas 2020 would be, which would perfect to guide you doing the remodeling.

Paint Colors

Just like a painting, we need to determine the basic tone for the living room. Of course there are plenty of popular living room colors that might help you, but first you need to make sure that the color matches with the whole interior furniture. Pastel tone is one of the best living room colors because it has neutral and peaceful feel.

Size of Furniture

The measurement is another aspect that you need to anticipate because it has to fit with the available space. First, determine whether your living room is huge or small and then choose the furniture carefully to match with the size of the living room. Never furniture-stuffing on your small living room as it would make it cramped. And put proportional size furniture so your huge living room doesn’t have too many spaces left.

Seating Area

Other than its beauty, choose a set of furniture that provides seamless traffic flow. Remember the rule of ‘function over aesthetics’ so not only your living room looks beautiful but ease. And when it comes about the furniture livingroom ideas, you can try to path-crossing style from contemporary to vintage in order to create luxurious living room style. Also, consider the focal point of the living room and which furniture that will complement the blank space. Keep in mind that the detail does matter! Make your space look beautiful as cek ruang

Area Rugs

It doesn’t matter whether you have vinyl or tile flooring, the rugs would cover what needs to be covered. Rugs will enrich the furniture livingroom ideas because these accessories create pattern and color combination in the living room. When it comes about rugs, think about the size and colors so it won’t ruin the grand concept of the living room.

The Arts on the Wall

We need to think how we fill the space on the wall too. The easiest way is using arts, whether it is a painting, miniature figure, or a unique clock that could be the focal point of the living room. Even though we already covered the walls with beautiful paint, we still need some accessories to adorn the room from side to side.

LightingLast but not least, lighting is a complex element of any room. Meanwhile in the living room, lighting will determine the persona. While furniture will please our eyes, the lighting will bring the aura. Remember that lighting is not just overhead chandelier, you can add wall sconces or floor lamps to complement your furniture livingroom ideas.

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Great Ideas for Recycled & Sustainable Wall Surface Coverings

Do you wish to help save the planet while you’re upgrading your home? You might be amazed at the number of parts of a house’s layout can be made from recycled materials if you recognize where to look. Among the methods to find recycled products is to check into the wide variety of recycled wall treatments that have actually made it to the market. Ceramic tile, wallpaper and also timber can all originate from recycled materials, making these wall treatments fantastic choices for any individual who is concerned about the setting. Below, we’ll cover these kinds of products and how to resource reputable lasting wall surface treatments.

Recovered timber

Among the simplest methods to reuse materials as lasting wall treatments is to find reclaimed wood for your wall surfaces. Timber is easy to recycle considering that it’s widely offered. It’s likewise easy to sand as well as re-stain the wood for new objectives.

Additionally, recovered timber can be available in a wide selection of colors and appearances. As well as putting those appearances and shades with each other in one space can make a superb rustic accent wall. For additional charm, you can also attempt placing the reclaimed boards at alternating midsts to develop a 3D accent wall. Walls similar to this work specifically well stylishly like rustic elegant, given that recovered timber accent wall surfaces give a rustic vibe without completely subduing the room.

Recycled glass ceramic tile

Whatever from old containers to old home windows might go into creating new tile for your house. Given that glass is among the most frequently recycled materials, it makes sense to reuse it in a glass ceramic tile mosaic style. The glass can be thawed down as well as re-dyed for some stunning layouts that appear like all new floor tile.

Some studios are being very innovative with this sustainable wall coverings idea. Tile workshop Artaic even developed mosaics out of recycled tile that show other reused as well as old products, like scrap paper, torn cardboard, reclaimed timber and peeling paint. Completion result looks rustic yet conceptual, making it excellent for artistic areas.

Recycled paper

Recycled paper is another outstanding concept. These sustainable wall coverings can be available in a couple of types. Wallpaper made from recycled materials is the most usual. You might have to resource lasting wallpaper from extremely specific retailers, however.

An extremely ingenious use of recycled paper additionally can be found in the type of wall surface floor tiles. An art studio called Dear Human being makes floor tiles that contain 100 percent recycled paper items.

For a creative take, some people even cover wall surfaces with book pages. It’s an extremely conceptual layout that would be excellent in creative house collections, reviewing spaces or research studies.

How to make certain sustainable wall treatments are legitimate
The trouble with searching for sustainable products is that almost any individual can declare something is green. If you intend to make certain you’re sourcing one of the most legit sustainable wall surface coverings, there are a few companies that can help.

Have a look at sector groups, such as the Wallcoverings Organization (WA). These groups can attach you with sources like places to shop as well as just how to locate genuine sustainable wall surface treatments.

Other suppliers select to take part in programs like the Environmental Product Statement (EPD), which is a paper that lists out the environmental influence of a product.

For a bigger variety of recycled structure products, the EPA designates vendors that make use of recouped products. You can look a supplier directory site below.

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5 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Brighter Now

Spring remains in full bloom! It’s a time of late sundowns and also cozy breezes, but you do not require to step outdoors to absorb the season. Make your home feel brighter now, and you can delight in the freshness of the season inside.

While “spring cleaning” is rather typical, “springtime redecorating” could seem like a whole various monster, yet it can make all the difference in your house. Your redecorating doesn’t need to be major. With these 6 simple modifications, you can make your home really feel brighter and welcome the springtime period in.

1. Start with the basics: lights

You’re ready to make your home feel brighter, and you can probably presume the most effective location to begin. Lighting makes a world of distinction. The even more natural light you can bring right into your home this springtime, the much better, but, where all-natural light falls short, analyze just how you fill out the spaces.

The higher a light is hung, the much more it’s able to replicate natural light. Recessed illumination is a significant help in including brightness. You don’t have to restrict that light to your ceilings, either. Construct recessed lights into cupboards to include much more warmth.

2. Minimize your window coverings

Window treatments can trap much of the light you wish to bring right into your residence. As a matter of fact, light-colored, light-weight curtains hung high will make your windows really feel open as well as ventilated.

If you usually have heavy or dark curtains hanging, take into consideration exchanging them out seasonally. This fairly simple adjustment makes your home really feel revitalized and also ready for the warm months ahead.

3. Check out outside living

Don’t restrict on your own to the wall surfaces of your residence. If you have outdoor area, utilize it. Setting out a few chairs where you can kick back and take pleasure in the pleasant spring evenings increases your space to the outdoors, where you’ll locate a wealth of illumination. You get extra factors if you can establish your exterior living area near an indoor one. Leaving the door open between the rooms links the two, bringing that fresh sensation of the outdoors in.

Below are a handful of more methods you can aid your house replicate the outdoors this springtime.

4. Hang mirrors to make your residence feel brighter

When you think of brightening your home, you consider including light, right? Wouldn’t it be great if you could take the light you already have shining within, and also increase it? There is: mirrors. Purposefully area mirror art near doors and windows, where natural light is currently bountiful. The light will jump off the mirror and also into your house.

5. Elevate your furniture

Heavy, squat furnishings doesn’t do you any type of prefers when you’re trying to make your house feel airier. You don’t need to purchase a whole new set of furniture, either. You can include new legs to sofas and cabinets, lifting them off the ground to include more breathing space around your furniture. Swap out clunky workdesk, coffee table, and dining table legs for something that can lug the weight of your furniture without adding aesthetic weight to the space, like barrette legs.

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House Exterior Lighting Ideas

Do you want something different to your house, especially in your house exterior lighting? Then, you should think something unusual and eye-catching.

For the exception to giving lighting to your yard, lighting may add the beauty of your house from outside looking. You can take colorful lamps or bulbs around your house. That would be exciting scenery.

String Lighting

This first house exterior lighting idea is an easy and fairly inexpensive way to add light to your backyard or garden. You don’t need to waste your time or money because you only have to prepare long cable and some bulbs.

Then, you simply string them up, plug them in, and you’re ready for a cozy night outside. Just bring your imagination comes true in having great combination with the furniture around the backyard.

Side Lamp On Floor

Wodden ladder is a good choice too. You can combine the light and ladder with a good style. Solar outside light can be a great idea.

Oriental Lighting Ideas

The Japanese popular lamp ideas will bring intimate nuance in your backyard. The lantern can be taken in the certain spot, thus the light production shows off the beauty of the night.

You can also take the lantern in the edge of each jual tangga lipat of the path to more produce intimate nuance. Of course, your family members will feel comfortable there. Especially if you invite someone, your guest will also feel like at his or her home.

Strips of Hidden LED Lights

Another beautiful trick to make your house brighter is placing LED strips along the base of the stone ladder or the plants wall. It can create a super modern and luxurious appearance.

That’s an awesome ideas to transform your outdoor, especially in the night view. But, you have to consider the electricity you used; it must be safe for your family or even your guests.

Orbs & Spheres

Beautiful round shapes are the main attraction of this house exterior lighting ideas. In particularly, when you place some orbs and sphere lighting in the edge of the pool or in the middle of green plants, the nuance and atmosphere are really fabulous and calm. For creating little oasis, you can hang them individually or cluster them in groups on the ground.

Pots & Planters

Having green plants around your backyard is great ideas for the house exterior lighting ideas. Why does it say so? Because you can simply take clear and huge pots thus you may add the lighting on it. The white lighting is suggested in making contrast with the night around.

Pendant Lights

Pendants are suitable hanging along the corridor or path on your backyard. The shape and lighting production match to make your backyard lighting greatly calm. The lighting source that produces individually from each pendant will give coziness and absolutely romantic nuance in the night.

Root Outdoor Wall Sconce by Tech Lighting

The Root Outdoor Wall Sconce is a slick hexagonal with a downward-facing LED light source. Enjoy a little variety with your minimalism. You don’t have to take many ornaments with this lighting, except the piling wall or timber such as forming a step ladder.

Its will clearly show the floor when the LED light is on. Black or dark texture of the wall and furniture will show the truly lighting of this house exterior lighting ideas.

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5 Exterior Amusing Tips to Amp Up Your Summer Season Events

We hope you like the products we suggest. Just so you are aware, Freshome may accumulate a share of sales from the web links on this web page.


‘T is the period to begin relocating your celebrations outdoors. As temperatures cozy and the daytime hrs extend, it becomes easier– and also even more fun– to host celebrations in your yard. Less complicated doesn’t always indicate easy, though. Organizing your good friends outside features its reasonable share of obstacles.


The bright side is that with a little prep work, an outside event can be very low-maintenance. Getting everybody together outdoors offers a kicked back air. Assumptions are lower, the all-natural elegance of your yard does a lot of the decorating job and also if points get truly untidy, a hose pipe deals with cleanup. Are you ready to benefit from the summertime season and relocate your following event into the fresh air? Here are 5 outside enjoyable suggestions that will assist you get going.


  1. Create an outside kitchen

Also if you currently have a cooking area established outside, you may benefit from making points much easier to gain access to throughout your event. Beginning by bringing a closet, a trunk or an additional storage space piece outside. If you intend to host throughout the period however do not desire your furnishings to obtain damaged by the elements, consider turning it over and including some wheels.

As soon as your outdoor storage space is ready, load it with every little thing you’ll need. Plastic dishware as well as towel napkins are a great beginning. Think through your previous events. What did you discover yourself commonly getting hold of for? (A bottle opener, possibly?) Having these necessities easily accessible outside will give you more time to enjoy your occasion.


  1. Celebrate selection

The relaxed air of an exterior party urges playfulness in your decoration. State, for instance, you’re hosting even more individuals than you can seat with your outdoor chairs. Bring your indoor chairs outside and also intermix them. The variety looks enjoyable and welcoming.


What various other indoor items could be beneficial? Pull throws off your couch and also curtain them over chairs outside for visitors to use if they obtain freezing. Choose decoration from your coffee table and also mix it with fresh-cut blossoms for an intriguing focal point. Do not be afraid to have fun with items you currently own. The charm of an outside party is in the method otherwise-stressful details come to be useless.


  1. Be prepared for wind

Summertime nights can obtain breezy. Preparing yourself for wind is one of the very best outside enjoyable pointers we can provide, since it can protect against something out of your control– the weather– from ruining the entire evening. The week before your event, make a mental checklist of anything that can blow away. Solutions are generally simple: like, for instance, acquiring or making tablecloth weights that clip to the corners of a table linen. You ought to have no difficulty finding a product or DIY task that matches the design of your celebration.


As well pushed for time? Avoid the table linen entirely!


If you’re going to be lighting candles, make certain you safeguard them from the wind. Hurricanes and tea light owners are an affordable way to keep your lights on a windy night


  1. Keep pests away

Candle lights can serve a double function, past adding atmosphere: They can additionally help ward off mosquitos. You do not have to choose citronella varieties, either; pests likewise dislike eucalyptus. If you’re feeling crafty, you can also make your very own bug-deterring candles. This Do It Yourself makes use of both citronella and also eucalyptus to get rid of mosquitos.

If you’re mosting likely to be serving food outdoors buffet-style, have a strategy in place to cover it when people aren’t proactively offering themselves. In a pinch, an overturned mesh bowl-shaped sieve can function as a safety shield.


  1. Preparation your grill

Don’t wait till the day before your party to grab lp and also scrub your grill grate. You can also period your grill grate the means you would certainly a cast iron pan to avoid corrosion.


As you get your grill all set, make it risk-free. Relocate a minimum of 10 feet far from your home, exterior frameworks and any kind of trees or bushes. If you own a gas grill, execute a quick and easy test with soapy water to determine any leaks. Putting in the time to obtain your grill all set prior to you discharge it up gives you a summer of worry-free exterior cooking.


If you desire much more inspiration to get your backyard prepared for summer season events, take a look at our exterior posts. We’re constantly functioning to maintain you in-the-know about the latest exterior decor patterns and also hottest summer lawn designs. From exterior amusing suggestions to highlights on enjoyable yard additions, we’ve obtained you covered.


Did we miss any type of exterior entertaining pointers? Allow us recognize your finest suggestions as well as techniques in the comments below.

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10 Easy Summertime Decorating Suggestions

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Summer season designing is a lot enjoyable– it’s a great justification to update your decoration. Summertime tasks can take you inside and out this season, and that suggests you’ll have plenty of spaces to embellish. The trick to a summer season makeover is light textiles, intense colors as well as even a touch of beach-inspired decoration. You can upgrade your house for the period with simply a few devices or go huge and also add a sensational exterior eating set. Most summer-inspired decor can be stored away when it’s time for autumn decorating. That keeps your design fresh when the season is back following year. Here are 10 of our favorite suggestions for making the most of your summer at home:


  1. Summertime Designing Method Colorful Outdoor Entertaining


We love summer enjoyable, specifically when the party moves outside. Choose a comfy outdoor seating set that encourages conversation and remaining. Brilliant exterior cushions and also throws for freezing summer nights are a must. If you’re producing an area that connects your interior decor to the outdoors, choose devices that fit into the color palette you already have in your home.


  1. Change to a Summertime Bed Linen

A new bed linen can makeover your bed room in an immediate. Seek light textiles like bed linen and cotton for comfortable bed linen also when the weather warms up. Beach-inspired patterns as well as shades (like blue and also aqua) are perfect for summer season designing. Also if you aren’t embracing a complete coastal theme in your house, you can include touches of beach style in any area when you function within your shade palette.


  1. Get Fresh Style With Macramé and also Crafty Summer Accessories


Maybe we’re just recollecting about summer season crafts, but macrame and also handmade accessories feel like a best fit for the period. Mixing handcrafted design in all-natural colors and also materials with boho or modern home furnishings produces an unwinded summertime style. Include soft qualities to your bedroom or living space by changing framed art with macrame as well as woven wall danglings.


  1. Transform Your Veranda Into a Summer Season Celebration Space


When the weather warms up, we’ll search for any kind of factor to be outdoors. If your house is short on area, turn an unused veranda right into a spot for entertaining or simply relaxing. With the ideal furniture as well as accessories, your patio can offer your small house an additional dining space in warmer months. Providing your front door a color makeover includes additional style to your porch and also a decorating prime focus for your brand-new outdoor design.


  1. Cheer up Your Outdoor Patio With an Indoor/Outdoor Rug


We love indoor/outdoor carpets for bringing color and pattern outside. Try to find carpets with great deals of summer shade, as they are the most effective centerpiece for your outdoor decorating strategy. Your outside seats and pillows may be quite neutral, so you can be imaginative when choosing your carpet, cushions and also devices. An easy and fun tip for selecting the most effective indoor/outdoor carpet is to match a couple of shades from your summer-blooming flowers in the rug’s pattern.


  1. Include Outdoor Lights for Entertaining Evenings


What fun is summertime decorating without string lights? Want to exterior dining establishment and also vineyard spaces for motivation on lighting your deck or patio area. Think about string lights as atmosphere, instead of task lighting, to make sure that you can include just the right amount to create a magical room. There is a large option of outside string lights readily available, including vivid as well as themed choices, yet classic white light bulbs can fit into any kind of embellishing style.


  1. Brighten Your Shower Room With a Pleasant New Shower Drape for Summertime

Replacing your shower curtain seasonally is such a simple and inexpensive method to upgrade your bathroom. Effectively cleaned, dried, as well as saved, you can turn shower curtains in and also out every period. For an added bit of summer enhancing magic, have one set of seasonal towels to match with your brand-new shower curtain– this lets you alter the mood of your shower room practically effortlessly.


  1. Add a Summery Swag Light


Is there a dark edge in your house that could use a little additional light? Plug-in boodle illumination is the no-commitment way to include a little lighting and also a lot of style to any kind of room. Boodle lights are a very easy method to create an analysis edge or define an eating room in a tiny residence. If your goal is to brighten your home for summer, including a boodle light is a quick option. Choose a ventilated style that enables natural light to beam through even when it’s out.


  1. Attempt Summertime Fragrances in your house


Summertime decorating is about greater than just the visuals. Exotic and also citrusy aromas can establish the state of mind for summer in your house. The key to getting that best mix of fragrances is to pick just a couple of fragrances for your house, all in the same line of product or brand. Match your candle light owners and diffusers to each room for a tailored appearance, despite just one or more aromas via your house.


  1. Produce A Laid-back Seating Location


Floor cushions are an essential (and also incredibly enjoyable) aspect of casual summer designing. Whether you select vivid floor cushions or a huge couch-style padding, make certain to couple your new seating with inconspicuous tables for amusing and also lounging.

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Complete Kitchen Area Transformation – Simply a Matter of a Couple Of Days

Immediate renovation is a top 2013 trend in this instant-makeovers age. And when we discuss remodelling kitchens increasingly more people are attaining kitchen area facelift by immediate kitchen area cabinet and worktop upgrades.

We all understand that ladies spend one-third of their life indulging in cooking area cores. It’s a location where the satisfaction of our stomach originates from therefore requirement to be the most sanitary place. And so it makes it more crucial to have kitchen restorations more than any other place of the house. However who has so much of high-end to go kitchen less for months when it’s a requirement to make and share meals.

What can be done to make renovating just a matter of days?

So what is it that people want to do when they speak about cooking area renovation? Well, 90% of the consumers wanted to have contemporary aesthetics. We tried to find out what service could be taken to provide the kitchens a makeover in simply a couple of days. And after that a thought ran over our minds and it worked!

Eliminating the old cabinets and having actually new ones set up with a matching granite worktop is all that will give any kitchen area that much wanted visual appearance. And the most important element remembering, it can be carried out in simply a couple of days.

Several remodelling options produce a fresh appearance in a few days time, by just replacing the existing kitchen area cabinets with the brand-new contemporary ones. Wood that would come out of the old cabinets can be recycled and restored to create the new cabinets.

Renovation is a huge and daring alternative, if you’re great with the current kitchen plan but desire a new brilliant look and lustre by changing the old cabinets with the brand-new ones. You can keep the cupboard shells and get them totally refinished to attain a completely new look.

Revamping cabinets in the cooking area offers a homeowner the possibility to add on and improve included surfaces, like backsplashes and worktops, for a location that is much more contemporary and customized to fit a householder’s remarkable cooking area practices.

Start by developing a dream list

Arrange the cooking area zones according to your requirements. To actually get most out of your cooking area makeover, try to optimise your cooking area sensibly. Try to consider places in the kitchen where you can keep frequently used utensils. Establish zones for rollout shelves, drawer dividers and watch out how finest you can make use of the cabinet area making it more easy for your to work in the kitchen.

Get your wanted design facelift

As soon as you have actually identified locations for advancement, it’s time to reveal your dreams into style plans. A fresh vision for this hardworking space need to think about both your home’s design in addition to your private design. Choose the colour of the cabinets and watch out for matching or contrasting worktops. It is very important you chose granite or harder stones just due to the fact that worktop are utilized for chopping and positioning of hot pans that might scratch the surface or ruin it quickly.

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Modern Kitchen Area Tables – A Whole New World When it Concerns Fine Dining

In times gone by, cooking area tables were enormous, square or rectangular, and made from wood. In a word, there was not much choice. However nowadays, modern kitchen area tables can present a broad scope of individuality into your cooking area. Whatever from the method they are developed, to the materials that they used and the shape that they are made in, can be weaved around so that you can have a resolutely contemporary technique in that crucial space in your home, which is the kitchen area.

Modern Kitchen Tables

Cooking area tables can be constructed out of stainless steel, or have composite or glass-topped services to them. These surface areas can be selected to blend in with the rest of your cooking area style. For instance, if you have chosen stainless-steel work surfaces and cooking area sinks, then a stainless steel table might be appropriate. On the other hand, you might wish to separate the stainless steel element with a kitchen table that has a granite top for instance.

Modern kitchen tables no longer need to be square. They can be round or oval. This is particularly well matched when you utilize your kitchen for informal gatherings. With a round table, you’ll constantly have area for just one more individual to join the group. In addition, with little kids who might be playing in the kitchen area while you work, or who pass through to get from one location to another, round tables have no sharp edges for them to hurt themselves.

If you are limited on area in your kitchen, then there is more than just one option open to you worrying modern-day kitchen tables. The very first character is to have a kitchen table that folds away. This can be a small surface area that moves out of kitchen cabinets where two or three individuals can sit for breakfast, a treat or just to get a coffee. It can likewise be a table joined to a wall with a long hinge that you can fold away against the wall when you do not require it, then bring back out once again and unfold its legs to make it into a horizontal assistance when you do.

Contemporary Kitchen Area Table

Who says you still require a classical cooking area table? The contemporary kitchen area table has likewise developed into the kitchen area island. This product of kitchen area furnishings includes much of the performance of a cooking area table with an upper work surface area for food preparation, composing and taking pleasure in consuming with others. Usually put in a central area in the kitchen area, it might also be provided with essential power points, and possibly even a sink with water and drainage outlets. As a “modern-day cooking area table”, the cooking area island may for this reason also be fixed sturdily to the kitchen area floor.

Whatever your requirements in terms of modern kitchen area tables, remember to apply the standard rules of option that issue what you require to do with it and how it needs to look. With these fundamental criteria in mind, you make certain to discover the option is right for you.

This is kitchen series. Want to know about bathroom series, feel FREE to visit water softener shower head website.

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4 Jaw-Dropping Narrow Kitchen Ideas (You’ll Think It’s Magic)

Anybody knows how difficult it is to have space issue inside the kitchen. When cooking space feels more like a hallway than a kitchen, it does not mean you cannot do anything with it. With these jaw-dropping narrow kitchen ideas to adopt, there is no more bad feeling when cooking time comes. Check out the ideas here.

Open Up Space

Open Up Space
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Before deciding to build a new kitchen, you need to remodel the narrow kitchen into more functional room. To create visually larger space, you need to open it up. What does it mean? Choose one side to open and remove the wall.

Instead of using brick walls, opt for large windows or glass partition to helps open up the space. It makes your kitchen visually connected to the other room or even outdoor. Therefore, the kitchen will not feel so cramped even though it is actually narrow.

Remove the Upper Cabinet

The following kitchen idea might be difficult to apply, especially if you have plenty of kitchen supplies and appliances. However, you should know the fact that upper cabinet makes kitchen look even narrower. As solution, you can employ a kitchen island or countertops with shelving and extra storage. You can also replace the upper cabinet with shelving for clearer space.

This is an effective way to create wider feeling inside the kitchen. Floor-to-ceiling cabinet is functional, yet your narrow kitchen does not really need it. Here are some other ways to apply this idea:

  • Place pantry and fridge in one area
  • Put storage in one area
  • Use open shelving

Play with Colors

Playing with colors is always fun! The following narrow kitchen ideas use the power of color combination to create visually larger effect. Transforming small kitchen is never this fun before. To make the kitchen does not look like a hallway; you can use dark color for the base and light colors for the upper cabinet.

For example, you can combine the wooden floor and base cabinet with contemporary white kitchen cabinet. Your eyes will automatically focus on the light scheme in the upside. This way, your narrow kitchen will never feel narrow any longer.

In-Line Arrangement

In-Line Arrangement
Image Source:

It is not a good to arrange your small kitchen ideas with L-shaped. In-line arrangement is considered as the best to allow you access the kitchen with ease. You can make double-line for countertop and a kitchen island. Maximize the island as storage, sink and cooking prep area.

This idea is actually simple as most narrow kitchen can use this. If you need more clues to apply the inspiring concept to your kitchen, consider these aspects:

  • Choose glossy material
  • Give sufficient space to move inside
  • Glass covered floor-to-ceiling cabinet

Even though remodeling a narrow kitchen is quite tricky, it does not mean you can give up and accept as it is. These narrow kitchen ideas are applicable to any narrow kitchen, whether for apartment or urban house. Make some modification as you desire for the best result.